SOLD: Lincoln - RR white ram; single, $550

Leicester - QR white wether; single,  $250 

Liverpool - RR white ram; twin to Sunderland, $550 as ram, $250 as wether. 

Bolton - RR white ram; single $550

​Retained: Manchester - RR black ewe, will be retained for breeding program

Preston - RR white ram; single, $550

SOLD:London - RR black ewe; twin to Carlisle $550

Pending: Bristol - RR white ewe; twin to Birmingham, $550

Leeds- RR black ram; single, $550

​Retained: Sunderland - RR white ewe, twin to Liverpool, $550.

Nottingham - RR white ram; single, $550

Olde English ​Babydoll Southdown Sheep

The 2018 lambs are here, 21 of them!! The naming theme this year is Cities in England with Soccer teams!  We test all lambs at codon 171 for scrapies resistance. Pricing for 2018 is $550 for RR ewe lambs or RR ram lambs, $500 for QR ewe lambs, $450 for QR ram lambs, and $250 for wether lambs. We also offer package discounts for purchase of multiple sheep. All lambs will be registered with NABSSAR, OEBR registration eligible and will be if/when registry sale is completed.   

Brighton - QR ewe; single, $500

SOLD: Burnley (left) and ​SOLD: Barnsley (right); twin black RR rams, $550 each

Oxford- QR white wether; single, $250

​SOLD: Birmingham - QR white ram; twin to Bristol, $450 or $250 as a wether

Pending: Accrington - RR black ewe; twin to Wolverhampton, $550

SOLD: Sheffield - QR white wether; single, $250

​Retained: ​Carlisle - RR black ewe; twin to London - will be retained

 Prairie Creek Acres

​Winchester - QR black ewe; single, $500

Retained:Wolverhampton - RR black ram; twin to Accrington, will be retained for breeding program,